Grade 5 GT Mathematics Writing Team
Kimberly Broadhurst (Manor Woods ES)
Christal Cutwright (Veterans ES)
Kimberly Eubanks (Cradlerock ES)
Jessica Michaelson (Waterloo ES)
Lisa Young (Atholton ES)

Grade 5 GT Mathematics (Domains and Standards)

Ratio and Proportional Relationships (Greta Wildasin, middle school lead) - Jessica
6.RP.1* - MSDE & HCPSS Lesson (Cups of Color), Disciplinary Literacy Lesson (Minimum Wage)
6.RP.2* - MSDE & HCPSS Lesson - 6.RP.2/3b (Gas Mileage)
6.RP.3 - MSDE & HCPSS Lessons - 6.RP.3b (Geisers), 6.RP.2/3b, 6.RP.3a, 6.RP.3d (Maps); Task - 6.RP.3c (Backsplash),
7.RP.1 - MSDE & possibly HCPSS Lesson (Hair/Nail Growth)

Number Systems (HCPSS middle school co-leads, Melissa Waggoner and Holly Cheung) - Kim and Kimberly
6.NS.6* -
6.NS.7* -
6.NS.1* - MSDE & HCPSS
7.NS.1* - MSDE & HCPSS Lesson (Absolute Value)
7.NS.2* - MSDE
7.NS.3* - MSDE

Expressions and Equations (Octavia Cutsail, middle school lead) - Lisa and Christal
6.EE.3 - HCPSS Lesson (Equivalent Expressions)
7.EE.2* HCPSS Lesson, HCPSS Task (What's the Deal?)
7.EE.3 - HCPSS Lesson (Credit Cards), HCPSS Task for 7.EE.3/4
7.EE.4 - HCPSS Lesson for 7.EE.4a (Two-Step Equations), 7.EE.4b (Linear Equations and Inequalities), HCPSS Task for 7.EE.3/4 (Let's Paint)

Geometry (Kelli Nitsch, middle school lead)
6.G.1 - HCPSS Task (Disaster At Sea)
6.G.2 - HCPSS Lesson (Volume of Prism with Fractional Edges), HCPSS Task (Fish Are Fun)
7.G.6 - HCPSS Lesson (Pool Survface Area)

Statistics and Probability (Nancy ?, middle school lead)
7.SP.1* - HCPSS Lesson (Cloning)
7.SP.5* - HCPSS Lesson (Deal or No Deal)
7.SP.7 - HCPSS Lesson (Candy Colors)
7.SP.8 - HCPSS Task for 7.SP.8b (Cafe 240)

  • Requires conceptual understanding of concepts, procedures, skills.